Another Gridlock Fix–And Blu-Ray Prices Drop

February 27, 2009

Thanks to Michael Morris for spotting this great example of a gridlock solution in a post at Gizmodo:

Panasonic, Sony and Philips are spinning off Blu-ray licensing into a single company, which for us, the real people, means we should be seeing Blu-ray prices take another tumble downward.  That’s because the costs of licenses for people to make Blu-ray stuff will drop as much as 40 percent, since manufacturers won’t have to talk to all three companies to get the rights.


One Response to “Another Gridlock Fix–And Blu-Ray Prices Drop”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What the article doesn’t mention is that there are probably over a dozen other companies holding patents on Blu-ray technology. The three parties forming a pool may be off to a helpful start, but unless others want to join their effort the dream of a one-stop shop for these patents will be just that.

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